Thierry Mariage "The World of Andre Le Notre"

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The World of Andre Le Notre Thierry Mariage. Translated by Graham Larkin "A stimulating effort to contextualize Le Notre's career and to relate the 'French formal garden' to the cultural and political environment of Louis XIV's reign."--French History "This ambitious book is intellectually significant, well researched, and cogently presented. . . . Excellent."--Geographical Reviews "A substantial contribution to the study of seventeenth-century French garden practice."--Landscape Architecture The gardens of Versailles--along with the name of their chief creator, Andre Le Notre (1613-1700)--have become synonymous with the French style of "formal" garden. This style in its turn would succumb to another "national" mode, the English school of naturalistic and picturesque landscapes. But as Thierry Mariage makes clear, the garden style that Le Notre brought to perfection need not be seen in opposition to the later "English" one. Rather, he claims, they represent two points along a...


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Сады Versailles— наряду с именем их главного создателя, Андра