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Развлечения Victoria & Albert Museum

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Barbara Hulanicki, Martin Pel "The Biba Years: 1963-1975"

3130.00 руб

A revealing look at the fashion revolution of the 1960s and ’70s through the groundbreaking, hip, and now-legendary London emporium Biba, this book looks at “the most beautiful store in the world.” Biba, founded in 1963 by designer Barbara Hulanicki, quickly gained cult status and outgrew several locations before the five-story “Big Biba” opened in 1973. More than a store, it was a haven of cool for artists, movie stars, and rock musicians. This book tells the story of the Biba decade, and how the label revolutionized retail and fashion culture. With a wealth of previously unpublished material, including full-color facsimiles of the six luxurious Biba catalogs and archival photographs, The Biba Decade looks at the first retailer to bring affordable fashion to young consumers. Stunning new photography documents the unique Biba look, and the designer and her contemporaries offer their personal insights.


Edwina Ehrman "The Wedding Dress: 300 Years of Bridal Fashions"

2937.00 руб

From the romance of its evolution to the splendor of its design, the wedding dress is unlike any other garment, a talisman from a fantasy world, the manifestation of dreams coming true. This book draws on wedding garments in the V&A’s renowned collection along with photographs, letters, memoirs, and newspaper accounts to explore the history of the white wedding dress and the traditions that have developed around it from 1700 to today, when designers from Vera Wang to Vivienne Westwood continue to challenge the aesthetic. Paintings, drawings, and wedding photos depict queens, princesses, celebrities, and everyday women-including Kate Middleton-in their gowns. The text considers the dress in the context of the commercialization of weddings that began in the Victorian era. The Wedding Dress is not only about costume, but also about the cultivation of the image of the bride.


Eleri Lynn "Underwear: Fashion in Detail"

3416.00 руб

Get intimately acquainted with the V&A’s world-renowned collection of undergarments in this eye-opening visual history. From camisoles to corsets, basques to boudoir caps, Underwear: Fashion in Detail traces the peculiar evolution of underwear. Revealing photographs highlight close-up details in the garments, while intricate line drawings show their masterly construction. A wide range of designs is represented, from rare 16th-century examples to Dior’s curvaceous New Look, to Calvin Klein’s notorious briefs.


Angus Patterson "Fashion and Armour in Renaissance Europe: Proud Lookes and Brave Attire"

4030.00 руб

Of all the riches of the sixteenth-century European nobleman, none spoke more powerfully of his heroism, wealth, and taste than his armor, clothing, and weapons. Drawing on the Victoria and Albert Museum's popular arms and armor collection - which includes the armor of such notables as Henry IV of France and Philip III of Spain-Angus Patterson looks at the suits designed to kill, protect, and impress. Here are parade suits, lavishly embossed and gilded, decorated with plumes of ostrich feathers, and draped with colorful silk sashes, as well as swords, daggers, pistols, and gunpowder flasks slung from elaborate belts. Paintings, sculpture, and beautiful new photographs - including many close-up details - bring this very particular aspect of Medieval and Renaissance fashion to life.


Moira Thunder "Embroidery Designs for Fashion and Furnishings"

2348.00 руб

This beautiful book illustrates the highlights of the fine collection of designs for embroidery at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Focusing on designs for fashion, accessories, and furnishings, it includes gowns, jackets, bags, collars, children’s clothing, saddle pouches, and designs for home furnishing as well as poignant embroidery on love and intimacy. Featuring exquisite designs from the Italian Renaissance to the embroidery pat­terns of Morris & Co. and 20th-century Russian creations, this book provides a wealth of practical information and inspiration for designers and embroiderers.


David Esterly "Grinling Gibbons and the Art of Carving"

2732.00 руб

Grinling Gibbons, the greatest of decorative woodcarvers, is seen here through the eyes of a fellow carver, American artist David Esterly. Gibbons’s flamboyant cascades of lifelike blossoms, fruits, foliage, birds, and fish dominated English interiors of the late 17th century, in palaces, churches, and great country houses. Esterly’s own experience in limewood foliage carving gives him unprecedented insight into Gibbons’s methods. Unique photographs illustrate techniques, while spectacular interior shots show the carvings in their original settings.