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Sue Taylor "Hans Bellmer: The Anatomy of Anxiety"

4071.00 руб

The German-born Surrealist Hans Bellmer (1902-1975), best known for his life-size pubescent dolls, devoted an artistic lifetime to creating sexualized images of the female body--distorted, dismembered, or menaced in sinister scenarios. In this book Sue Taylor draws on psychoanalytic theory to suggest why Bellmer was so driven by erotomania as well as a desire for revenge, suffering, and the safety of the womb. Although he styled himself as the quintessential Oedipal son, an avant-garde artist in perpetual rebellion against a despised father, Taylor contends that his filial attitude was more complex than he could consciously allow. Tracing a repressed homoerotic attachment to his father, castration anxiety, and an unconscious sense of guilt, Taylor proposes that a feminine identification informs all the disquieting aspects of Bellmer's art.Most scholarship to date has focused on Bellmer's work of the 1930s, especially the infamous dolls and the photographs he made of them. Taylor...


Billy Kluver "A Day with Picasso"

1958.00 руб

A Day with Picasso


Pat Kirkham "Charles & Ray Eames – Designers of the Twentieth Century"

4072.00 руб

Charles & Ray Eames – Designers of the Twentieth Century


Paul N Edwards "The Closed World – Computers & the Politics of Discourse in Cold War America"

4215.00 руб

The Closed World – Computers & the Politics of Discourse in Cold War America


H Rheingold "Virtual Community – Homesteading on the Electronic Frontier"

4100.00 руб

Virtual Community – Homesteading on the Electronic Frontier


Alexander Alberro "Institutional Critique – An Anthology of Artists? Writings"

2939.00 руб

Institutional Critique – An Anthology of Artists? Writings


Alan Holden, Phylis Morrison "Crystals and Crystal Growing"

3295.00 руб

This clearly illustrated explanation the basic principles of crystals may be used as a text or supplementary sourcebook by high-school students (for which it was originally written), students at the junior college or undergraduate level, or the general reader with an interest in science.


Paul N. Edwards "The Closed World: Computers and the Politics of Discourse in Cold War America"

3158.00 руб

THE CLOSED WORLD offers a radically new alternative to the canonical histories of computers and cognitive science. Arguing that we can make sense of computers as tools only when we simultaneously grasp their roles as metaphors and political icons, Paul Edwards shows how Cold War social and cultural contexts shaped emerging computer technology - and were transformed, in turn, by information machines. THE CLOSED WORLD explores three apparently disparate histories - the history of American global power, the history of computing machines, and the history of subjectivity in science and culture - through the lens of the American political imagination. In the process, it reveals intimate links between the military projects of the Cold War, the evolution of digital computers, and the origins of cybernetics, cognitive psychology, and artificial intelligence. Edwards begins by describing the emergence of a "closed-world discourse" of global surveillance and control through...