Развлечения: George Newnes Limited


Развлечения George Newnes Limited

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Frank Danby "The Heart of a Child: Being passages from the early life of Sally Snape, Lady Kidderminster"

3801.00 руб

Лондон, 1910 год. Издательство George Newness, Limited. Издательский переплет, сохранность хорошая. На страницах видны временные пятна. The Heart of a Child (1908), a less controversial tale based on a storyline devised by Owen Hall, enjoyed great commercial success as a novel, was twice filmed as a motion picture, and rewritten in 1920 by Gilbert Frankau as a stage play – in which form it did not succeed, though Frankau noted that the novel itself was still earning royalties in the Summer of 1939. Издание не подлежит вывозу за пределы Российской Федерации.