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"Southeast Asia"

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Вашему вниманию предлагается издание "Southeast Asia".


"Greek Island: City Guide"

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A brand new edition featuring illuminating text written by expert, local writers alongside over 250 inspiring full-colour photographs that will bring the Greek Islands' people and places to life, at the turn of a page. A brand new 'Best of' feature highlights the top attractions not to be missed, such as a visit to Panagia Hozoviotissa Monastery on a cliff above Amorgos' southeast coast and a memorable boat trip around the beautiful Ionian Islands. This section also features the editor's choice of exclusive and unique recommendations, including the best beaches, festivals and museums, along with some money-saving tips. An in-depth "Places" section comprises twenty-three chapters covering all the islands, from Crete's great archaeological sites to cosmopolitan Corfu. All the principal sites along the way are conveniently cross-referenced by number to accompanying full-colour maps, to enable instant orientation and easy navigation at a glance. The information on each area is also...



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This guide to Bulgaria includes a full run-down on the essential places to see from ancient Sophia to the resorts and beaches of the Black Sea, from Aleksander Nevski Cathedral to the Trigrad Gorge and the National Parks. The best of Bulgaria section will allow you to set priorities and gives you some tips and tricks even some of the locals won't know. With hundreds of spectacular colour photographs and detailed maps, you can really get a feel for the destination prior to your trip. It is an inspiring background read, serving as an invaluable, on-the-spot companion but can also be kept as a superb, visual souvenir of a visit. Expert local writers bring to life Bulgaria's history, culture, geography and, above all, its people. Detailed, cross-referenced maps clearly highlight all the main sites and they are numbered in relation to the text for easy navigation. The guide also features an extensive travel listings section which includes all the travel details, hotels, restaurants...



1488.00 руб

With its unique mix of jaw-dropping landscapes, lively cities, friendly people, and buzzing nightlife, it's hard to beat a vacation in Ireland. This book is the perfect companion to this alluring country, giving you more information on history and culture than any other guide. Our expert local author has fully updated the guide for this new edition, with reworked chapters on the Irish character, Dublin, and Galway and the West, while the Belfast chapter has been brought right up to date with coverage of the city's exciting new Titanic Quarter. The book tells you everything you need to know about the essential Irish experiences, from vibrant festivals like Bloomsday to world-renowned pubs and fantastic outdoor activities such as walking, golf, and angling. Stunning pictures throughout give you a vivid portrait of modern Ireland. Comprehensive maps will help you get around and travel tips provide advice on planning a trip plus our selection of the best hotels.


Damien Simonis "Venice: City Guide"

1280.00 руб

Full-color travel guide to Venice, one of Europe's most historic and beautiful cities, with comprehensive descriptions of all sights and attractions, and clearly presented practical information. Full-color photographs and maps throughout, a comprehensive street atlas section and a handy orientation map on the inside front cover. The Features section focuses on the city's history, people and culture, from its wealth of art and architecture to opera and the Venice carnival. The Places section covers each neighborhood of the city, as well as the surrounding islands.


Lisa Gerard-Sharp "Sicily"

1254.00 руб

Insight Guide Sicily is an essential full-color guide to this sun-baked island off the toe of Italy. Whether you’re after active volcanoes (Stromboli and Etna, to name two), historic cities and resorts (Palermo, Siracusa, Taormina) or ancient temples (Agrigento, Segesta, Selinunte), this guide will help you find them. Our inspirational Best of Sicily section highlights the unmissable sights and experiences (if you’ve never tried a Sicilian dessert you have not lived), while a comprehensive Travel Tips section gives you all the practical information you need to plan your trip, and our selective listings bring you the very best hotels and restaurants. Colourful magazine-style features offer a unique insight into Sicily’s festivals and folk art, and Baroque architecture, as well as into the extraordinarily well-preserved temples and monuments of the Greek, Arab and Roman periods. A detailed Places section, with full-color maps cross-referenced to the text, guides you from...


Lisa Gerard-Sharp "Tuscany"

1445.00 руб

Insight Regional Guide Tuscany offers a uniquely comprehensive approach to getting the most out of one of Europe’s most alluring destinations. Engaging and inspirational History and Culture chapters explain the region’s intriguing past as the birthplace of the Renaissance, and the factors influencing its future; from the ancient Etruscans, through to the Medici and the intense period of artistic expression, to the impact of both Italian Unification on Florence and ever-increasing tourist numbers. Renaissance art, architectural treasures, local cuisine and the landscape of the region are fully explored so that visitors can gain a sense of how Tuscany’s distinctive character and culture has been shaped. The Places chapters cover Florence and the surrounding towns and countryside in detail to help with planning a trip. Full-color photographs throughout illustrate the beauty of Tuscany more than any other guide on the market and give a true flavor of Tuscan life today. Detailed maps help...


"Hide This Italian Book"

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Designed for the young and hip, this best-selling language series is packed full of the language really spoken by locals; it's not the Italian you learned in school. Learn the lingo on: Love, Sex, Extreme Sports, Video Games, Fashion, Body and Gross Bodily Functions, Internet, Text Messaging, Gossip, Entertainment, and Partying. Also exposed in Hide This Book are hilarious language mishaps, social trends, and cultural idiosyncrasies. Icons indicate how “hot” language is, so you know when an expression is totally offensive, completely inappropriate, but really worth knowing! Listen to the foreign language online, or download the audio to you iPod® or MP3 player. Entertaining as well as enlightening, this is one Italian book users will want to read from cover to cover!