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A. S. Rappoport "Great Thoughts from Napoleon"

1275.00 руб

Compiled herein are the thoughts and quotes of Napoleon on everything from women ("A beautiful woman pleases the eye, a good woman pleases the heart; the first is a jewel, the second a treasure") to the reason to wage war ("We must either strike or be stricken") to humanity itself ("Humanity is grateful to those who astonish her").


W.B. Godbey "Autobiography of Rev. W.B. Godbey"

950.00 руб

Воспроизведено в оригинальной авторской орфографии издания 1909 года.


I. Washington "Life of George Washington"

1854.00 руб

Life of George Washington. By Washington Irving. In five volumes. Volume II. The life of George Washington, commander in chief of the armies, and late president of the United States of America. Воспроизведено в оригинальной авторской орфографии издания 1869 года (издательство "New York, Printed by H. O. Houghton and company").


Deryck Lynham "The Chevalier Noverre, Father of Modern Ballet"

3238.00 руб

The name of Jean Georges Noverre stands forth in bold relief agains the background of the history of the art of ballet. His Lettres sur la Danse have been translated into almost every European language and yet, although the idea that he was largely responsible for creating the ballet d'action, or dramatic ballet, has gained general acceptance and his name is one of the most frequently quoted in the literature of the dance, scant light has been shed on his life and work. This biography, first published in 1950, was then and remains now the only major study of him. He was born in Paris on April 29th, 1727, and was destined to a military career and given a liberal education, but he showed little aptitude for tactical exercises or army discipline and was nightly to be found haunting the theatres of Paris, where he was fired with the ambition to become a dancer. By 1743 he was a dancer at the Paris Opera Comique, and he produced his first ballet there in 1749. He foresaw and advocated most...


Prince Serge Wolkonsky "My Reminiscences, Volume 1."

3038.00 руб

Prince Serge Wolkonsky (1860 - 1937) was an influential Russian theatrical worker, one of the first Russian proponents of eurhythmics, pupil and friend of Emile Jaques-Dalcroze, and creator of an original system of actor's training that included both expressive gesture and expressive speech.In 1899 Wolkonsky became Director of the Imperial Theatres, the post for which he is most remembered. Although he held the position only until 1902, he achieved a great deal; Serge Diaghilev was his immediate assistant, and Wolkonsky entrusted him with the publication of the Annual of the Imperial Theatres in 1900. New names appeared in the theaters, such as painters Alexandre Benois, Konstantin Somov, and Leon Bakst. In this first part of his two-volume reminiscences he discusses his childhood and youth, his recollections of the Russian and German theatre, opera, and his travels in Europe and America.


Lydia Kyasht "Romantic Recollections"

2388.00 руб

The Russian ballerina Lydia Kyasht was very much a free spirit. A childhood friend of her fellow ballerina Tamara Karsavina, she appears frequently in the early pages of the latter's autobiography, usually as chief mischief-maker, and her autobiography reflects that aspect of her personality. She gives her impressions and experiences of European life and society, especially of the Russian Court before the revolution, but her book is as much about the author's romantic adventures as it is about her dazzling career as a dancer - "I believe it is a good thing for a woman to have a lover", she writes, a bold sentiment for 1929 when her book was first published. Kyasht was born in 1885. She studied at the St Petersburg Imperial Ballet School with Pavel Gerdt and joined the Maryinsky Theatre in 1902, becoming second dancer in 1905 and first dancer in 1908. She was also a soloist with the Bolshoi (1903-4) and performed in various concert recitals. In 1908 she went to London where she...


Brian W. Kearney "I Was Benny Hill's Toy Boy' -A Life in Variety"

2400.00 руб

Over The Hill is the true life autobiography of Jon Jon Keefe. Actor/ comedian/ singer/ compere to the stars etc. Jon, who is now 70, has had the distinction of working with many world famous Singers and Comedians of the last 50 years including such greats as; Billy Ekstein, Tony Bennett, Tommy Cooper, Jimmy Tarbuck, Dusty Springfield, Eartha Kitt, etc. In 1973 Jon was personally approached by Benny Hill to join a select family of actors and comedians to work on the famous Benny Hill Show- the comedy show which attained the highest audiences ever for TV comedy in the entire world until it was axed. JonJon worked alongside Benny for 19 years. His book offers a unique insight into the lives of these extraordinary people and provides a social history of the whole entertainment world since his wide experience in so many different areas of the showbiz world is quite unique and unmatched. Characters from clubland, gangland & theatreland - they're all there - making this an...


Solomon Northup "12 Years a Slave"

2050.00 руб

Solomon Northup was born a free man in New York State. At the age of 33 he was kidnapped in Washington D.C. and placed in an underground slave pen. Northup was transported by ship to New Orleans where he was sold into slavery. He spent the next 12 years working as a carpenter, driver, and cotton picker. This narrative reveals how Northup survived the harsh conditions of slavery, including smallpox, lashings, and an attempted hanging. Solomon Northup was among a select few who were freed from slavery. His account describes the daily life of slaves in Louisiana, their diet and living conditions, the relationship between master and slave, and how slave catchers used to recapture runaways. Northup's first person account published in 1853, was a dramatic story in the national debate over slavery that took place in the nine years leading up to the start of the American Civil War.


Donna Mann "A Rare Find"

1938.00 руб

A Rare Find is the heartwarming and true story of Ethel Kemp, an English emigrant whose vigilant determination to overcome endless trials lead her to successfully serve the people of Canada's prairie for 6 decades. Despite her battle through years of family health problems, the Great War, the flu epidemic, considerable personal losses and constant overwhelming grief, she overcomes every obstacle and, perseveres. A widow at a young age, her strong faith, personal tenacity and unending passion for family life allow Ethel to overcome defeat and loss. Her crucial decision to start a new life leads her to the quiet town of Edgerton in Eastern Alberta where her practical nurse's training led her into a natural vocation of caring for those in her community, dedicating herself mainly to midwifery. Winning people's trust, she finds herself not only in taxing situations with public health, local education and the legal system, but at times she also must prepare loved ones for home visitation...


Richard Hayes "Adversarial - Private Security and Whistle-Blowing Within the Nhs"

1713.00 руб

Leave your ideology and delusion at the door and step inside the real world of the titanic, soul destroying struggle of the Whistle - blower within the dark depths of the NHS, the David against Goliath of all battles that will either make or break you but nothing in between. If you dare to dare by standing strong for what you believe to be right then be prepared to have the whole armoury employed against you in the name of desperate NHS cover up. Be prepared to be, in the eyes of everybody from your Employer through to the Employment Tribunals Service, viewed as nothing other than a threat to the status quo to be stopped at all costs. Be prepared, above all else, to have your belief in the system and justice extirpated as you struggle, potentially, as I did, alone and devoid of legal representation, to break down the door of truth to an institution that has a lot to hide


Jenese Busch "My Father's Daughter"

1913.00 руб

My Father's Daughter is a heart warming epic about a loving and nurturing relationship between the author and her father. Filled with pictures and memorabilia from her life as a child, Jenese Busch really sends a strong message while sharing the love and dedication she was blessed to have growing up. This wonderful, touching work tells of the struggle to maintain a home growing up in times of war and hardships, and of her father's dedication to ensure she had a better life. Her father was devoted to providing stability and support throughout her life. Yet, Jenese found out just how much he had sacrificed after his death; when she discovered he had left her wealthy in more than the monetary sense. All those struggles and hardships were for her. In today's world most children are lucky to have a single parent. It seems as though everyone is too busy for their children. This book is so refreshing; the reader is able to look back in time when "family" mattered. The...


J Telfer "Christopher's Story Part II"

2300.00 руб

Description Christopher's Story II has been written after the success of the original paperback, published in the hope of raising awareness of (Kanner's) autism and severe challenging behaviour. It continues the Telfer family's story of love and determination to remain together as opposed to place their son in residential care. Julie Telfer wrote of the first book "I would truly love others to look beyond the disability and see Christopher for who he really is. I hope this book goes some way towards making this a reality". In Book II it becomes clear that her remarkable work and writing has changed the views of many but that the road towards fair and unprejudiced services and opportunities for all is far from over. Luckily it also becomes clear that she, her family, and her son, have the determination to continue walking this road. Book Extract INTRODUCTION The autistic spectrum has held much fascination since...


Wilson Jeremiah Moses "Black Messiahs and Uncle Toms"

6450.00 руб

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Morton Gabriel White "A Philosopher's Story"

6313.00 руб

"Although a great many memoirs are being published these days, this autobiography by Morton White has special significance because professional philosophers seldom write their memoirs and, when they do, they rarely produce books as engaging as this one. . . . Indeed, White's autobiography should attract more attention among the educated public than any book written by an American philosopher in many years."--Peter H. Hare, SUNY Distinguished Service Professor of Philosophy and Editor, Transactions of the C. S. Peirce Society: A Quarterly Journal in American Philosophy. Morton White is Professor Emeritus at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey. Among his many well-known books are Social Thought in America (Viking, 1948), Foundations of Historical Knowledge (Harper & Row, 1965), Science and Sentiment in America (Oxford, 1972), and The Question of Free Will (Princeton, 1993).


Charles De Kunffy "A Rider's Survival from Tyranny"

3388.00 руб

Charles de Kunffy retells the dramatic events of his privileged and turbulent young life. A European nobleman in the stormy years of World War II and the Hungarian Revolution persevered to become a prominent equestrian. During the Soviet occupation, de Kunffy finds a life-saving island of tranquility in the ancient art of classical horsemanship. Fascinating accounts of his great mentors, 'professor' horses and remarkable characters are vividly described against an uncertain historical landscape. The author's account of life under brutal tyranny, and the victorious survival of a civilized mind are a testament to a determined and sensitive spirit. Tragic at times, funny at others, this true-life tale of travel through a rugged social landscape is graced with equestrian salvation.


Norbert Weinberg "Courage of the Spirit"

1813.00 руб

Courage of the Spirit portrays the spiritual struggle of one man during the first half of the twentieth century-the author's father, Rabbi Dr. William Weinberg, who survived Nazi and communist tyranny to become the first State Rabbi of the community of Holocaust survivors in the German State of Hesse. Rabbi Weinberg's journey spanned thousands of physical miles by freight train and on foot, from cosmopolitan Vienna and Berlin to Stalingrad and central Asia as he and his brother Benjamin kept a step ahead of the Nazi armies. The book spans the mental and emotional journey from the medieval shtetl and the great empires to the weak democracies and totalitarian regimes that followed, and finally, to freedom. Courage of the Spirit reconstructs these events from conversations with the author's father and his uncle, from family notes, and from historical documentation.


W. E. B. Du Bois "Darkwater"

1350.00 руб

Classic work on race, class and gender by the civil rights activist and leader, sociologist, educator, historian, prolific writer, editor, poet, scholar, and socialist.


Robert Lynd "Old and New Masters (Dodo Press)"

1413.00 руб

Robert Wilson Lynd (1879-1949) was an Irish writer, an urbane literary essayist and strong Irish nationalist. He was born and educated in Belfast, studying at Queen's University. His background was Protestant, his father being a Presbyterian Church Moderator. He began as a journalist on The Northern Whig in Belfast. He moved to London in 1901. Firstly he wrote drama criticism, for Today, edited by Jerome K. Jerome. He also wrote for the Daily News, being its literary editor 1912 to 1947. The Lynds were well known as literary hosts, in the group including J. B. Priestley. Lynd was a founding committee member of the Book Society. Irish guests included James Joyce and James Stephens. He used the pseudonym Y. Y. (Ys, or wise, you see) in writing for the New Statesman. According to C. H. Rolph's Kingsley (1973), Lynd's weekly essay, which ran from 1913 to 1945, was 'irreplaceable'. Amongst his other works are Old and New Masters (1919), The Art of Letters (1920), The Pleasures of Ignorance...