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Jack Trout "A Genie's Wisdom: A Fable of How a CEO Learned to Be a Marketing Genius"

6889.00 руб

Newly appointed CEO B.J.Bigdome struggles in his attempt to develop a strategy for effectively marketing his products. Without a background in marketing, Bigdome doesn't know who to turn to for reliable advice - until a genie appears with solutions to all his most pressing quandaries. It's the same genie responsible for earth-shattering company turnarounds, super marketing innovations, and the success of headline CEOs. Through ten succinct chapters, the genie answers these ten fundamental questions: What is the essence of marketing? What's branding all about? What should be my product strategy? How do I get my pricing right? Are there limits to growth? What is good research? How do I evaluate advertising? How do I pick the right medium? How important are logos? What mistakes are made most often? This simple, handy book answers all these questions by...


Avivah Wittenberg-Cox "Why Women Mean Business"

3417.00 руб

Never before has there been such a confluence of international attention to the economic importance of women and the need for policies to enable them to fulfil their potential. The position of women - as employees, consumers and leaders - is seen as a measure of health, maturity and economic viability. WHY WOMEN MEAN BUSINESS takes the economic arguments for change to the heart of the corporate world. This powerful new book analyses the opportunities available to companies that really understand what motivates women in the workplace and the marketplace. Find out how companies that learn to adapt to women will be better able to respond to the challenge of an ageing workforce and the demands of the next generation of knowledge workers. The authors compare policies and approaches in countries around the world, that offer surprising and envious results. The optimisation of women's talents will boost the bottom line. Taking action to achieve this will require sustained courage...


David LaBonte "Shiny Objects Marketing: Using Simple Human Instincts to Make Your Brand Irresistible"

948.00 руб

What will stop your customers dead in their tracks to take notice of your product? What will make them want to take a closer look? How do you get them to reach out and touch your product, grab it, and not let go? The answer to all these questions, says David LaBonte, is contained in the deceptively simple Shiny Objects Marketing principle: "People, as all creatures, are innately attracted to shiny objects. If you can make your brand, product, or service a shiny object to your customers and prospects, you'll be immensely successful". In "Shiny Objects Marketing: Using Simple Human Instincts to Make Your Brand Irresistible", LaBonte shows you how to turn your products and services into your customers' irresistible shiny objects. LaBonte explains exactly what makes a shiny object - it grabs attention, drives curiosity, demands to be touched, and ultimately demands to be bought. He identifies the obstacles inside and outside of a company that get in the way of a shiny object...


Philip Kotler "Marketing Insights From A to Z: 80 Concepts Every Manager Needs to Know"

3154.00 руб

The most renowned figure in the world of marketing offers the new rules to the game for marketing professionals and business leaders alike. In Marketing Insights from A to Z, Philip Kotler, one of the undisputed fathers of modern marketing, redefines marketing's fundamental concepts from A to Z, highlighting how business has changed and how marketing must change with it. He predicts that over the next decade marketing techniques will require a complete overhaul. Furthermore, the future of marketing is in company-wide marketing initiatives, not in a reliance on a single marketing department. This concise, stimulating book relays fundamental ideas fast for busy executives and marketing professionals. Marketing Insights from A to Z presents the enlightened and well-informed musings of a true master of the art of marketing based on his distinguished forty-year career in the business. Other topics include branding, experiential advertising, customer relationship management,...


William A. Cohen "Building a Mail Order Business: A Complete Manual for Success"

3932.00 руб

With more than 60,000 copies sold, this amazing manual has become a classic in its field - and rightfully so. Nowhere else will you find - in one book - so much valuable information on achieving success in the mail order business. Dr. Bill Cohen has drawn on his decades of experience testing, researching, and constantly refining the mail order techniques described in this invaluable guide. Building a Mail Order Business offers a virtual treasury of techniques and methods guaranteed to work in the real world of selling through the mail. You'll get practical advice and learn tricks of the trade that will get you started quickly, with the fewest missteps and greatest chances for success. Thorough and completely up-to-date, this authoritative guide covers every aspect of the mail order business, from the basics of getting started to the details of product selection, preparing a marketing plan, copywriting, designing graphics, printing, protecting yourself from competition,...


Joel Bessis "Risk Management in Banking"

8107.00 руб

Now in its third edition, this seminal work by Joel Bessis has been comprehensively revised and updated to take into account the changing face of risk management. Fully restructured, featuring new material and discussions on new financial products, derivatives, Basel II, credit models based on time intensity models, implementing risk systems and intensity models of default, it also includes a section on Subprime that discusses the crisis mechanisms and makes numerous references throughout to the recent stressed financial conditions. The book postulates that risk management practices and techniques remain of major importance, if implemented in a sound economic way with proper governance. Risk Management in Banking, Third Edition considers all aspects of risk management emphasizing the need to understand conceptual and implementation issues of risk management and examining the latest techniques and practical issues, including: Asset-Liability Management; ...


Joel Bessis "Risk Management in Banking"

9732.00 руб

Now in its third edition, this seminal work by Joel Bessis has been comprehensively revised and updated to take into account the changing face of risk management. Fully restructured, featuring new material and discussions on new financial products, derivatives, Basel II, credit models based on time intensity models, implementing risk systems and intensity models of default, it also includes a section on subprime that discusses the crisis mechanisms and makes numerous references throughout to the recent stressed financial conditions. The book postulates that risk management practices and techniques remain of major importance, if implemented in a sound economic way with proper governance.


David A. J. Axson "Best Practices in Planning and Performance Management: Radically Rethinking Management for a Volatile World"

4949.00 руб

A practical framework for effectively managing performance in today's complex, competitive and risky global markets. The Third Edition provides a complete framework for building best practice management processes for today's complex and uncertain world. Fully updated to reflect the events of the global economic crisis, this book provides further practical examples of companies that are successfully using the practices identified. Updated for the implications of the global economic crisis on management practices; Completely rewritten section on "What it Takes To Be An Effective Manager In An Uncertain World; Added examples and mini case studies throughout the book from companies such as Qualcomm, IBM, Dominos, Target, Toshiba and Facebook; Establishes new benchmarks for performance management process and practice; Fully updated to include recent events, new learnings, technologies and emerging best practices. This book...


Clark A. Campbell, Mick Campbell "The New One-Page Project Manager: Communicate and Manage Any Project with a Single Sheet of Paper"

1958.00 руб

THE NEW ONE-PAGE PROJECT MANAGER demonstrates how to efficiently and effectively communicate essential elements of a project's status. The hands of a pocket watch reveal the time of day without following every spring, cog, and movement behind the face. Similarly, an OPPM template reduces any project - no matter how large or complicated - to a simple one-page document, perfect for communicating to upper management and other project stakeholders. Now in its Second Edition, this practical guide, currently saving time and effort in thousands of organizations worldwide, has itself been simplified, then refined and extended to include the innovative AgileOPPM. - This edition will include new material and updates including an introduction of the ground-breaking AgileOPPM and an overview of MyOPPM template builder, available on-line. - Includes references throughout the book to the affiliated sections in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). - Shows templates for...


Tim Weithers "Foreign Exchange: A Practical Guide to the FX Markets"

3019.00 руб

In today's global marketplace, there is a critical need for both individual and professional investors to become better acquainted with foreign exchange. As economies become more intertwined and currencies continue to fluctuate, we must understand and be able to evaluate the foreign exchange (FX) markets when dealing with a variety of concerns, from consumption decisions and investment portfolios to business and retirement plans. Throughout his academic and professional financial careers, Tim Weithers has introduced thousands of people to the foreign exchange markets and empowered them to navigate this dynamic environment. Now, in "Foreign Exchange: A Practical Guide to the FX Markets", Weithers shares his knowledge, insights, intuition, and many years of experience with you. Blending theory and practice, this straightforward financial primer takes the technical information commonly associated with today's FX markets and makes it more accessible. First, you'll become...


Paul Edwards, Sarah Edwards, Peter Economy "Home-Based Business For Dummies"

1741.00 руб

Starting your own home-based business is a great way to supplement your income in these tough economic times. With thirty percent new and revised material, Home-Based Business for Dummies, 3rd Edition gives you the most current and up-to-date information you need to navigate your way through the whole process. You'll get trusted and creative advice on how to start being your own boss, bringing in a steady paycheck, and running a business you'll enjoy. - Complete coverage of legal and financial aspects of a home-based business. - Effective advertising and promotional strategies that won't break the bank. - Tips and information you need to make your business profitable. - Advice on outfitting and running a home office. Whether you've been affected by downsizing in these uncertain times or are just looking to earn some extra cash, Home-Based Business for Dummies, 3rd Edition shows you how to avoid scams and truly start working from home for...


Victor Niederhoffer, Laurel Kenner "Practical Speculation"

3900.00 руб

At last, some modest proof of what some of us have long suspected - beware of lords on boards. Authors Victor Niederhoffer and Laurel Kenner studied the relationship between stock returns and the number of board members with titles in the 50 largest companies by market value in the FTSE 100. Over a five year period, the more titles on the board, the worse the performance of the shares. Niederhoffer and Kenner even invented a valuation indicator, the earnings/lords ratio, dividing the earnings per share by the number of titles in the boardroom. At the time they did the study, Powergen, with just one lord, looked the most attractive stock on this basis. The finding raises the obvious question of causality. As the authors write: "Was it the lords who caused the lackluster performance or the lackluster performance that prompted the companies to use lords as window-dressing?" That comment, however, suggests a possible American misunderstanding of the British honors system. The...


William J. O'Neil, Gil Morales "How to Make Money Selling Stocks Short"

2583.00 руб

There are two sides to everything, except the stock market. In the stock market there is only one side — the right side. In certain market conditions, selling short can put you on the right side, but it takes real knowledge and market know-how as well as a lot of courage to assume a short position. The mechanics of short selling are relatively simple, yet virtually no one, including most professionals, knows how to sell short correctly. In How to Make Money Selling Stocks Short, William J.O'Neil offers you the information needed to pursue an effective short selling strategy, and shows you — with detailed, annotated charts — how to make the moves that will ultimately take you in the right direction. From learning how to set price limits to timing your short sales, the simple and timeless advice found within these pages will keep you focused on the task at hand and let you trade with the utmost confidence.


Jim Rogers "Adventure Capitalist"

1650.00 руб

Adventure Capitalist


Jim Rogers "Adventure Capitalist: The Ultimate Roadtrip"

1121.00 руб

This is a gripping tale of adventure, danger and humor, peppered with investment tips from a Wall Street legend. The best-selling author of "Investment Biker" takes a fascinating journey through the world's economic situation in a convertible yellow Mercedes. This is the motivating story of entrepreneur Jim Rogers, dubbed 'the Indiana Jones of finance' by "Time" magazine, who made his fortune playing the stock market and then embarked on his lifelong dream adventure. Together with his fiancee, Paige Parker, he set out on a three-year drive around the world that would ultimately set the Guinness world record for the longest continuous car journey. Their trip winds its way through 116 countries - through blizzards, deserts, epidemics and war zones - to discover failing economies and the new boom countries not from dry and potentially flawed statistics, but by experiencing life itself. This is a gripping tale of travel and adventure; along the way they encounter danger, love and farce....


Jim Rogers "A Bull in China"

1832.00 руб

Profiting from China without getting burned is currently an obsession with the international investment community. The estimated size of the Chinese economy has just been revised upwards, making it the 4th largest in the world behind the US, Japan and Germany, and ahead of the UK but the idea that investing in China is a sure-fire, get-rich-quick investment story is dangerously misleading. The author of the bestselling "Investment Biker", "Adventure Capitalist", and "Hot Commodities", is providing a book that provides a window into what will soon be the most vital, most lucrative market of our time: China. While the Chinese economy has had an annual average growth of 9.4 percent since 1978, and despite the ongoing speculation about China's future, its stock market is now emerging from a six-year low. As the Chinese economy continues to lumber toward a free market system - and as the Chinese government inevitably unpegs its currency and opens its stock market to more foreign...


Troy Waugh "101 Marketing Strategies for Accounting, Law, Consulting, and Professional Services Firms"

7404.00 руб

In 101 Marketing Strategies for Accounting, Law, Consulting, and Professional Services Firms, Troy Waugh covers the same successful selling process taught at The Rainmaker Academy, the leadership and business development program he founded. Graduates of the Academy have attracted more than $300 million to their firms as a result of Troy’s program. 101 Marketing Strategies for Accounting, Law, Consulting, and Professional Services Firms sets out to build professionals who can sell, rather than sellers who happen to sell law or accounting services. Senior associates and partners of accounting, law, consulting, and other professional business services can find proven strategies and know-how for mastering Waugh’s three levels of selling: the development of the relationship, the buying process of the client, and the selling process of the professional.


A. J. Frost, Robert R. Prechter "Elliott Wave Principle : Key to Market Behavior"

7014.00 руб

"This is a definitive, excellent book on Elliott, and I recommend it to all who have an interest in the Wave Principle." Richard Russell, Dow Theory Letters "Gold and Silver Today wholeheartedly endorses this book. It is the definitive work on a scientific wave theory of human experience. If you are interested in technical or wave analysis, it should be required reading." Gold & Silver Today "This book is extremely well done. It is clear, brief and bold....by far the most useful and comprehensive for both the beginner and the veteran." William Dilanni, Wellington Mgmt. Co. "An outstanding job...I don't think a better basic handbook of Elliott Wave theory could be written." Donald J. Hoppe, Business and Investment Analysis "...A top-drawer reference for serious technical analysts....all the nuts and bolts necessary to do their own Elliott Wave assembly." Futures Magazine "Chapter Three is the best description of Fibonacci numbers we've seen in print and that...


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