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Электроника Дорлинг Киндерсли

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Robert Heller, Tim Hindle "Essential Manager's Manual"

4070.00 руб

Imagine you've finally snagged that long-awaited promotion to the ranks of management and you're suddenly faced with your first official presentation before the boss, first interview with a job applicant, first contact with a "demotivated" subordinate, or first truly critical decision. If there is no one you can comfortably turn to for assistance - a common problem today for many in this position - the Essential Manager's Manual, by consultants-communicators Robert Heller and Tim Hindle, could prove invaluable. This logically organized encyclopedia of leadership fundamentals concisely explains the basic actions required in these and other common corporate scenarios, making it a useful resource for information on business communications, time management, decision-making, and a broad array of personnel issues ranging from motivating a staff to realizing when they are suffering from stress. "Stress can be infectious, so you need to recognize it in others before it affects the people with...