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Andreas Haufler "Taxation in a Global Economy"

7249.00 руб

The increasing international mobility of capital, firms and consumers affects tax policies in most OECD countries, playing a major role in reforming national tax systems. Haufler uses standard microeconomic analysis to consider the fundamental forces underlying this process. Topics include a variety of different international tax avoidance strategies--capital flight, profit shifting in multinational firms, and cross-border shopping. Haufler addresses the issue of coordination in different areas of tax policy, with emphasis on regional tax harmonization in the EU. Also included is a detailed introduction to recent theoretical literature.


Walter Hettich, Stanley L. Winer "Democratic Choice and Taxation: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis"

3625.00 руб

The authors examine how tax policies and tax systems arise out of democratic choices. The emphasis on voting behavior sets their work apart from other research on public finance. They find that democratic institutions yield tax systems that follow predictable patterns. The analysis is applied to the United States in a general equilibrium model. Theory is also linked to fact through statistical research on national and state governments in the U.S. and Canada. In addition, the authors discuss how to evaluate the efficiency of taxation in a framework that includes voting choices and review the related literature. Формат издания: 15 см х 23 см.


Ian MacKenzie "Professional English in Use: Finance"

2378.00 руб

"Professional English in Use: Finance", the latest exciting addition to the bestselling "English Vocabulary in Use" titles, is suitable for intermediate to advanced students (B1-C2). "Professional English in Use: Finance" contains 50 units covering the most up-to-date financial vocabulary, from accounting to borrowing and lending, central banking to venture capital and many more areas including financial idioms and metaphors. Primarily designed as a self-study reference and practice book, it can also be used for classroom work and one-to-one lessons. This book is a must for both trainers and learners of ESP and Business English, who need to use English in a financial environment. 50 easy-to-use units: vocabulary items are presented and explained on left-hand pages with a range of practice exercises on right-hand pages. Presents and explains all new vocabulary in context. "Over to you" sections give learners the opportunity to put the...


"Cambridge Business English Dictionary"

2613.00 руб

The CAMBRIDGE BUSINESS ENGLISH DICTIONARY is ideal for business English students, business studies students and anyone using English in their work. Informed by the unique Cambridge English Corpus, the dictionary has over 35,000 words, phrases, and meanings, and includes business-specific vocabulary such as "quantitative easing", "crowdsourcing" and "black knight". It also includes help with how to use English naturally in business situations like meetings, conference calls, and emails. A mobile application is also available and sold separately.


W. W. Rostow, W.W. Rostow "The Stages of Economic Growth: A Non-Communist Manifesto"

3990.00 руб

A third edition of The Stages of Economic Growth brings this classic work up to date with current economic and political changes. In a new preface and appendix, Professor Rostow extends his analysis to include recent economic and political developments as well as the advances in theory concerning nonlinear and chaotic phenomena. For those coming to his work for the first time, the original text and the introductions and appendices from earlier editions are included. This volume will not only be of interest to those concerned with the theory of economic growth, but also to students of policy since the 1960s. In the text Professor Rostow gives an account of economic growth based on a dynamic theory of production and interpreted in terms of actual societies. Five basic stages of economic growth are distinguished with detailed discussions of each stage including illustrative examples. He also applies the concept of stages of growth to an examination of the problems of military...


John Strachan "Advertising and Satirical Culture in the Romantic Period"

6029.00 руб

Advertising, which developed in the late eighteenth century as an increasingly sophisticated and widespread form of brand marketing, would seem a separate world from that of the "literature" of its time. Yet satirists and parodists were influenced by and responded to advertising, while copywriters borrowed from the wider literary culture, especially through poetical advertisements and comic imitation. This 2007 study to pays sustained attention to the cultural resonance and literary influences of advertising in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. John Strachan addresses the many ways in which literary figures including George Crabbe, Lord Byron and Charles Dickens responded to the commercial culture around them. With its many fascinating examples of contemporary advertisements read against literary texts, this study combines an intriguing approach to the literary culture of the day with an examination of the cultural impact of its commercial language.


Charles C. Moul "A Concise Handbook of Movie Industry Economics"

4523.00 руб

This short handbook collects essays on all aspects of the motion picture industry by leading authorities in political economy, economics, accounting, finance, and marketing. In addition to bringing the reader an up-to-date perspective on what is known and what has been accomplished, it includes both new findings on a variety of topics and directions for additional research. Topics include estimation of theatrical and ancillary demand, profitability studies, the resolution of evident paradoxes in studio executive behavior, the interaction of the industry and government, the impacts of the most recent changes in accounting standards, and the role and importance of participation contracts. New results include findings on the true nature of the seasonality of theatrical demand, the predictive power of surveys based upon trailers, the impact of the Academy Awards, the efectiveness of prior history measures to gauge cast members and directors, and the substitutability of movies across...


Guy Brook-Hart "Business Benchmark Advanced Higher: Teacher's Resource Book"

1262.00 руб

Business Benchmark helps students get ahead fast with their Business English vocabulary and skills and gives them grammar practice in business contexts. It also helps students prepare for an internationally recognised Cambridge ESOL Business English exam, using real exam papers from Cambridge ESOL. Teachers can choose from the BEC edition or the BULATS edition at the right level for their students.


"Remaking Management: Between Global and Local"

4025.00 руб

Remaking Management examines current theories of change or continuity of work practices in the context of fashionable claims about unstoppable globalization or unmoveable national business systems. This is a rich and wide-ranging resource for graduate students and academics concerned with how organizations are responding to an increasingly complex commercial environment.


Alfred S. Eichner "The Megacorp and Oligopoly: Micro Foundations of Macro Dynamics"

5313.00 руб

This book provides both an explanation of the inflation which has bedeviled economic policy in the West since the end of World War II and a micro-economic theory to purge Keynesian models of the Walrasian strain derived from Marshall's Principles.


John E. Roemer "Analytical Foundations of Marxian Economic Theory"

2686.00 руб

Professor Roemer's goal in this book is to give a rigorous view of classical Marxian economic theory by presenting specific analytic models. The theory is not extended to deal with new problems, but it is deepened: Marxian theory is given micro-foundations and upon those foundations the author begins to rebuild a tightly constructed Marxian economics. The book begins, after a methodological introduction, with an examination of the Marxian notion of equilibrium and the theory of exploitation, and goes on to deal with the theory of the falling rate of profit. The next section explores one of the points made in the first section of the book, that the Marxian theory of exploitation can be constructed completely independently of the labor theory of value as a theory of exchange. Technical study of this problem allows comment on various issues, such as the relative importance of "marginal utilities" and "class struggle" in determining relative prices. The final part examines models of...


Christine MacLeod "Inventing the Industrial Revolution: The English Patent System, 1660-1800"

3625.00 руб

This book examines the development of the English patent system and its relationship with technical change during the period between 1660 and 1800, when the patent system evolved from an instrument of royal patronage into one of commercial competition among the inventors and manufacturers of the Industrial Revolution. It analyses the legal and political framework within which patenting took place and gives an account of the motivations and fortunes of patentees, who obtained patents for a variety of purposes beyond the simple protection of an invention. It includes the first in-depth attempt to gauge the reliability of the patent statistics as a measure of inventive activity and technical change in the early part of the Industrial Revolution, and suggests that the distribution of patents is a better guide to the advance of capitalism than to the centres of inventive activity. It also queries the common assumption that the chief goal of inventors was to save labour, and examines...


Youssef Cassis "Capitals of Capital: A History of International Financial Centres, 1780-2005"

4032.00 руб

This is the first history of international financial centres and of the major stake that they now represent in the global economy. Youssef Cassis, one of the world's leading financial historians, provides a fascinating comparative history of the most important centres that constitute the capitals of capital - New York, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Zurich, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore. The book explores the dynamics of the rise and decline of these great centres from the beginning of the industrial age up to the present, setting them in their economic, political, social and cultural context and drawing on concepts from financial economics in its analysis of events. This paperback edition has been fully updated to take account of the challenges posed by the financial collapse of 2007-2008 and offers the longer-term framework necessary to understand the crisis gripping capitals of capital today.


Cassis Youssef "Capitals of Capital: The Rise and Fall of International Financial Centres 1780-2009"

2274.00 руб

This is the first history of international financial centres and of the major stake that they now represent in the global economy. Youssef Cassis, one of the world's leading financial historians, provides a fascinating comparative history of the most important centres that constitute the capitals of capital - New York, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Zurich, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore. The book explores the dynamics of the rise and decline of these great centres from the beginning of the industrial age up to the present, setting them throughout in their economic, political, social, and cultural context and drawing on concepts from financial economics in its analysis of events. This paperback edition has been fully updated to take account of the challenges posed by the financial collapse of 2007-2008 and offers the longer term framework necessary to understand the ongoing economic crisis facing capitals of capital today.


"The Regulation of International Financial Markets: Perspectives for Reform"

9061.00 руб

At present primarily governed by market forces with little regulatory interference, international financial relations have become increasingly important for global as well as national economies. Contributors to this volume consider whether this absence of regulation is wise, in the light of recent financial crises. This book accordingly presents a framework for an analysis of the options in regulating international financial markets from the perspective of public international law. The volume will be of interest to scholars and practitioners involved with comparative public law, constitutional economics and financial regulation. International financial relations have become increasingly important for both global and national economies. These relations are at present primarily goverened by market forces with little regulatory interference at the international level. In the light of recent financial crises, collaborators to this volume consider whether this absence of regulation is...


Leonid Hurwicz, Stanley Reiter "Designing Economic Mechanisms"

2758.00 руб

A mechanism is a mathematical structure that models institutions through which economic activity is guided and coordinated. There are many such institutions; markets are the most familiar ones. Lawmakers, administrators and officers of private companies create institutions in orders to achieve desired goals. They seek to do so in ways that economize on the resources needed to operate the institutions, and that provide incentives that induce the required behaviors. This book presents systematic procedures for designing mechanisms that achieve specified performance, and economize on the resources required to operate the mechanism, i.e., informationally efficient mechanisms. Our systematic design procedures are algorithms for designing informationally efficient mechanisms. Most of the book deals with these procedures of design. When there are finitely many environments to be dealt with, and there is a Nash-implementing mechanism, our algorithms can be used to make that mechanism into an...


Masanao Aoki "New Approaches to Macroeconomic Modeling: Evolutionary Stochastic Dynamics, Multiple Equilibria, and Externalities As Field Effects"

3192.00 руб

This book contributes substantively to the current state of art of macroeconomic modeling by providing a method for modeling large collections of possibly heterogeneous agents subject to nonpairwise externality called field effects, that is, feedback of aggregate effects on individual agents or agents using state-dependent strategies. By adopting a level of microeconomic description that keeps track of compositions of fractions of agents by types or strategies, time evolution of the microeconomic states is described by (backward) Chapman-Kolmogorov equations. Macroeconomic dynamics naturally arise from these equations by expansion of the solutions in some power series of the number of participants. Specification of the microeconomic transition rates thus leads to macroeconomic dynamic models. This approach provides a consistent way for dealing with multiple equilibria of macroeconomic dynamics by ergodic decomposition and associated calculations of mean first passage times, and...


Cento G. Veljanovski "Economic Principles of Law"

4220.00 руб

Economic Principles of Law applies economics to the doctrines, rules and remedies of the common law. In plain English and using non-technical analysis, it offers an introduction and exposition of the "economic approach" to law - one of the most exciting and vibrant fields of legal scholarship and applied economics. Beginning with a brief history of the field, it sets out the basic economic concepts useful to lawyers, and applies these to assess the core areas of the common law - property, contract, tort and crime - with particular emphasis on their doctrinal structure and remedies. This is done using leading cases drawn from the birthplace of the common law (England & Wales) and other common law jurisdictions. The book serves as a primer to the wider use of economics which has become increasingly important for law students, lawyers, legislators, regulators and those concerned with our legal system generally.


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